Thursday, January 14, 2016

Back In The Republic Of Poland

Anyway, now that I've offended my Polish neighbors (yes, i am aware that Poland has been independent for decades now), it's a good time to start blogging again. It wasn't obvious from the way that I wrote, but I did a lot of research for the last posts. I think I need to blog a little more lightly for a bit to get back into a rhythm. I was on a roll for a while.

Navel Gazing

Personally, I'm annoyed right now. I can't get into contact my landlord, who has my mail. Even when I reach her, it's still going to be hard to convey I want my mail - I don't speak Polish. I don't have a lot of free time, but I also don't have a lot of distractions. I'm not playing tomcat anymore and I don't have a TV. So I have more time than I would have had back home. Also, I'm having a hard time nailing down a sleep schedule in the Warsaw winter. I really enjoy the winter though. I like the snow and the cold. It's invigorating!

Steven Universe

A friend who knows that I like animation recommended that I try the animated shows Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I chose SU because it looks a little bit more like Space Dandy. I've watched the pilot and the first two episodes now. They were all good! Sometimes it seemed like they drew "wacky faces" because they weren't confident in what emotion to convey. Also, every episode has a difficult balancing act of having a coherent plot, reveal new things about the 'verse (as hep cats say ... we still say that right?), hit the right emotional notes, look cool and be a comedy all in 11 minutes. Sure, Space Dandy can pull off a balancing act like that, but it 22 minutes and was directed by Shinchiro Watanabe. Still, the show seems fun. I will probably be blogging my reactions to future episodes as a way to get back to producing content. People can point and laugh for my ignorance at the show, also they can mock me for being an adult watching a kids show. This content is going to be daily, so that I get used to coming this blog. Expect the first entry Saturday or even tomorrow (depending on how a planned meeting with a friend goes - if it goes well, Saturday).

This was drawn by the character designer. Watanabe gave him the instruction "Draw it as if it was one of those foreign movie posters made by someone who has clearly never seen the movie.".

Furthermore, I'm going to be rewatching my favorite show, Cowboy Bebop. These reviews will be more in depth, scouring all the English language resources I can to give a total picture of this great work of art. Character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto's Bebop art book is translated and has a lot of behind the scenes information, like the factoid posted above. Plus, The AV Club's retrospective stinks on ice. No schedule for this series.

If I finish that, maybe I could do Ren & Stimpy, the great proto-punk cartoon. John K is an inspiration for me, he's why I took up drawing as a hobby. I even bought the Preston Blair book, which I love by the way. But we have to look at the real show with all of its flaws, not the Platonically perfect one that exists in his soul (otherwise Glen Or Glenda? would be the greatest movie of all time).

"But, what about IIATSTIEPW, CT?" 

Thanks for asking. I'm gonna try and promote that to a weekly series starting next Saturday. I work this weekend (yay), but if I plan a little and do the research (which is really just checking to see if I have the math I don't write correct) before I write instead of writing it in a huge marathon, it'll be less taxing. Yes, real physicists, I know what I was writing was trivial. But I needed to be sure it was correct in every detail - especially the ones I elided. It's a quirk (and why I can't work as an economist :P).

I have many other detailed ideas for posts. A critique of Ronald Coase (brilliant, but devious) and a comparison of a paper by Armen Alchian and one of Paul Krugman on evolutionary economics are two. The critique I have of Coase is really obvious, but I've never seen anybody make it, which  makes me wonder how many people are actually reading these papers. Am I the weirdo? Maybe it is because Coase is so obviously right on some things and so completely blind on others. Anyway, big carefully thought out posts are always and everywhere on no schedule, got me? Always and everywhere.

Future plans: I'll be in Portugal this summer for the COST Action Flowing Matter conference! I'm going to try to take a train, I've never done that! How exciti-... wait, that's the zloty/euro exchange rate? Oh travel, you never fail to be overcomplicated.

I have no plans to write better so feel free to continue to not read.

Be Seeing You!

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